Kofi Awudu Ouedraogo

Je m'appelle Kofi Awudu Ouedraogo. Je suis un artiste sculpteur modéliste de Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). Ma spécialité est le travail du Bronze et de la Cire Perdue. Je réalise mes oeuvres au Centre National d'Artisanat et d'art de Ouagadougou et les expose au Burkina Faso, aux Etats Unis et maintenant sur le Web. Bonne visite de mon site.

My name is Kofi Awudu Ouedraogo. I am a sculptor specializing in bronze using the lost wax process. I create my sculptures at the National Center of Craft Industry and Art of Ouagadougou, and sell them in Burkina Faso, in the United States, and on the Internet. I hope you enjoy your visit of my site.

If you wish more information about any of the examples shown on this website, please email me at basta300@yahoo.fr, include the number of the example, or attach a copy of the picture to the email.

Kofi Awudu Ouedraogo (basta300@yahoo.fr)


The figures are carved in beeswax.


The wax figures are carefully covered with clay to form the mold for the metals.

The molds are then heated to remove the wax.


Scrap metals are collected to melt for the casting. The metal is melted and mixed just before casting. A manually operated air pump speeds the melting.
The molten metal is carefully poured into the casts.

The molds are heated.
After the mold has cooled, it is broken away from the bronze and the bronze is cleaned and filed.



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